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About Company

Arabian Estates offers premier brokerage and advisory services for acquiring and selling significant land assets. Taking a unique approach to today’s modern challenges. Arabian Estates is a rare company. Its model prides itself on an independent team brokerage specializing in residential and commercial properties. It's their mission to give everyone dependable and cost-effective access to the Dubai real estate market.

The Projects:
  • Integrated with 4 Platforms- Bayut, Dubizzle, PropertyFinder and Website.
  • Customization with 370 requirements related User Interface in Salesforce..
  • Configuration with 46 automations.
  • 1 year Duration.
By The Numbers
Arabian Estates:
  • Thousands of properties 
  • Multiple Channels.
  • Hundreds of Staff.

Challenges Faced

The Arabian Estates Team was using an outdated CRM and needed to find a new technology solution to match their growth and goals moving forward

  • Their Existing System has limited functionalities.

  • Trouble Integration with other Technologies.

  • Limitations with old CRM.

  • Existing CRM was not configurable.

  • Access multiple channels with one system.

  • Team was looking for better enhancement and automation.

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Proposed Solutions

Cloud Science Labs architected an integrated solution using Salesforce. The CSL agile scrum project team developed, tested, and delivered the following critical business features.

Functional and Business deliverables:

  • PropertyBase Support helps resolve the issues related to the property base package.

  • Data integration with 5 Different Channels,   can submit listings directly from their systems.

  • Reports provide agents and management with property listing data.

  • ManagePackage provides an integrated user interface.

  • Onboard the CRM helps them to import their database from the legacy CRM. 

  • Data Management and Integration thousands of property listing data managed with Salesforce and Integrated with Arabian Estates.

  • Automation & Notifications, via email and text, providing fast and convenient data flow for listings.

  • Contract Onboarding Package to build Automations, providing solutions to unresolved concerns from Integration support and Propertybase Support.


Salesforce Tools & Technologies:

  • Lightning Web Components (LWC), Apex Triggers, Custom Labels and Process Builder per Salesforce developed Standards.

  • Web Portals Bayut, Dubizzle, PropertyFinder, and Website.

  • Salesforce Lightning for the user interface.

  • Flow builder to provide a flawless flow of data and automate the process.

  • Apex executes flow and transaction control statements on Salesforce servers in conjunction with calls to the API.

  • Visualforce pages and the Apex Controller to provide the required customizations. 

  • HTML5 and Visualforce to view and download the Sold flyer in PDF format.

  • Custom security roles to manage security and permission, including existing Profiles, Permission sets, Field level security, Object Level security, and session setting and modification as needed.


Key Modules & Implementation

  • Salesforce Community from Scratch.

  • End-to-End Integration through Propertybase.

  • Email Service Implementation for notifications.

  • Listing Management Enhancements.

  • Customization and Configuration.

  • Automation and Integration.


The Results-Benefits Realized:

As a growing real estate agency, Arabian Estates has been able to streamline and provide the necessary tools for their modern-day agents. Cloud Science Labs' intelligent action plans and PropertyBase’s Web app capabilities have allowed Arabian Estates to stay connected while working from their mobile phones. At the same time

Accessible for real-time reporting.

The Arabian Estates Team sees the scalability that Propertybase offers.


About Us:

Cloud Science Labs offers tailored solutions for sales, service, marketing, and other areas to help you expand your organization. Cloud Science Labs helps businesses organize their customer data, manage customer interactions, and improve business outcomes by optimizing procedures and boosting team productivity.

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