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Online Wage Claim

California Department Of Industrial Relations

About Company

The mission of the California Labor Commissioner’s Office is to ensure a just day’s pay in every workplace in the State and to promote economic justice through robust enforcement of labor laws. By combating wage theft, protecting workers from retaliation, and educating the public, we put earned wages into worker's pockets and help level the playing field for law-abiding employers. This office is also known as the Division of Labor Standards Enforcement (DLSE).

The Projects:
  • 30 DIR/Vendor project staffs.
  • 356 business requirements.
  • 1 year duration.
  • 3 production releases.
By The Numbers
Wage Claim Volume:
  • 40,000 wage claim per years.
  • Thousand of Employers.
  • Hundreads of staff.

Challenges Faced

The high volume of LCO wage claim forms were received in paper form, often in-person, requiring manual handling by the public and LCO staff co-located at DIR offices. A wage claim starts the process to collect on those unpaid wages or benefits which required the following features:

  • File a wage claim through an online portal.

  • Wage claim data access to the DIR team.

  • Provide a wage claim hearing process.

  • Send Email/Text notification to Hearing Parties.

  • Security concerns while connecting with third parties.

  • Salesforce file storage limit challenge.

  • Build an automatic process to calculate the Due amount based on multiple inputs, which DIR called a Case Issue Engine.

Once a component is in use on a Lightning page, you can only increase the supported form f

Proposed Solutions

Cloud Science Labs architected an integrated solution using Salesforce Platform Cloud. The Collaborative DIR/CSL agile scrum project team developed, tested and delivered the following critical business features.

Functional and Business deliverables:

  • Community Portal allows external users to create an account, submit a claim, and view claim status.

  • Data integration with outside 3rd parties,  who can submit claims directly from their systems using MuleSoft.

  • Dashboards provide clerks, deputies,  hearing officers, and management with wage claim data summaries.

  • Dynamic Online Intake form fully accessible on all devices in Spanish and English both. The intake form is fully configurable and sequenced to render the questions based on the previous answers.

  • Internal Workflow Processing allows staff the ability to view all data and documents. 

  • Document Management and e-Signature allowing e-Signature of claim releases, complaints,  and settlements using A+ and Nintex.

  • Claimant Timer and Notification, via email and text, providing fast and convenient news regarding claim due dates and status.

  • Document Storage provides organized storage for wage claim-related files using both A+ and SharePoint.


Salesforce Tools & Technologies:

  • Lightning Web Components (LWC), Apex Triggers, Custom Labels and Process Builder per DIR developed Standards.

  • Salesforce Lightning for the user interface including pop-up messages.

  • Custom security roles to manage security and permission, including existing Profiles, Permission sets, Field level security, Object Level security and session setting and modify as needed.

  • JavaScript to handle the client-side logic.

  • Apex for the server-side logic.

  • Visualforce pages and the Apex Controller to show the Merge fields data in a template for printing documents. 

  • HTML5 and Visualforce to view and download the details in PDF format.

  • Nintex DocGen and AssureSign will be used for document generation and eSignature.

  • SharePoint and A+ for data storage.

  • SMS Magic for text messaging.

  • MuleSoft for API data integration.


Key Modules & Implementation

  • Salesforce Community from Scratch.

  • End-to-End Integration through Mulesoft.

  • File Sync between Salesforce and Sharepoint.

  • Email Service Implementation for notification.

  • Case Management Enhancements.

  • Nintex Doc Gen and Nintex Workflow Cloud for document generation and digital signature.

  • SMS Magic setup and Configurations for SMS notifications


The Results-Benefits Realized:

The shift to fully online has brought immediate and dramatic improvements to business process efficiency (fewer paper handoffs, fully remote) and effectiveness (higher volumes, less rework).  
Spanning a period of only 3 months since  
implementation, the business has already seen 
dramatic improvements:

7,000 increase in annualized claims (40,000 claims projected in 2022. Up from 33,000 in 2017)

From 0% online to 66% claims submitted online (Within first 3 months since implementation, and the shift to online continues to increase)

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