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Power your customer-centric operations with a purpose-built manufacturing platform.

Salesforce Manufacturing Cloud Benefits for a Business

  • Simplified communication and collaboration

  • Assist in identifying high-quality materials at reasonable prices. 

  • Tracks leads and improves conversion rates

  • End-to-end supply chain visibility

  • Automated workflows and quoting templates to accelerate the sales cycle

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Our Salesforce Manufacturing Cloud Implementation

Our teams of Certified Salesforce Manufacturing Cloud specialists empowered manufacturing business to access actionable insights and engage seamlessly with customers post-sale.

We also used salesforce as a primary CRM solution to integrate and implement best-in-class secure access, ensured appropriate visibility, and provided easier interactive experiences for their customers and partners.

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CSL Achievement

  • CSL's commitment to quality meant bringing the code back up to standard and establishing an acceptable level of controls and procedures over environments

  • Order processing efficiency increased by 70%

  • Sales productivity increased by 60%.

  • The CSL team used a blend of onshore and offshore team members to deliver the functionality for the Retail CRM project in several sprints

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Key Features of Salesforce Manufacturing Cloud


Customizable AI and


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Appropriate Inventory Management 


Forecasting And



Enhanced Customer Experience

With The Right Consulting Partner, Everything Is Possible

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