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Salesforce Implementation Electronic Assembly

Cloud Science Labs transforms the state department’s Salesforce operations by building quote processes, fortified data security.


Cloud Science Labs transforms the state department’s Salesforce operations by building quote processes, fortified data security, and streamlined document generation. Get to know how the client witnessed the efficiency, security, and opportunity management benefits with customized Salesforce solutions.

Manufacturing & Industrial Solutions


The Challenge

Our client faced the challenge of customizing their Salesforce with the help of various automation regarding quote, creation, and order generation. Data security was an important aspect and was facing an issue with data breaches. Also, they faced problems with streamlining the document generation process.

Our client approached Cloud Science Labs to meet the needs of:

  1. Enhancing the time-to-quote process, to fasten the sales cycle

  2. Creating clean quotes and orders, to minimize errors

  3. Managing global opportunities, to accelerate business growth

To address these challenges, they collaborated with Cloud Science Lab’s team.

Automation Involved

Salesforce sales cloud implementation involved various automation for quote creation and order generation.


The Solution / Features

Our Salesforce experts offered

1.Salesforce Configuration Re-design

3. Salesforce CPQ Configuration

To enable easy tracking of sales activities across diverse regions.

Salesforce CPQ (Configure, Price, Quote) was integrated to generate clean quotes and orders.

2. Setup and Customized Data Security

4. Conga Composer Tool Configuration

To safeguard sensitive information for different regions, customized protocols were implemented.

The Conga Composer tool was Configured to streamline the document generation process.


Through the successful implementation of the solutions provided by Cloud Science Labs, our client was able to experience more efficiency, fewer errors, improved data security, and enhanced opportunity management.

They were able to:

1. Create new quotes and opportunities with no duplicacy. They witnessed an improvement in time-to-quote metrics and answered customer queries promptly.
2. Achieve a streamlined document generation process with Conga Composer. Presently, they are experiencing a smooth and efficient document generation process.
3. Data security was improved and the risk of data breach was eliminated. With customized data security measures the confidentiality of sensitive information was restored.
4. Enhance opportunity management of different products. The client achieved greater visibility and control over its global opportunities for market expansions.


Cloud Science Labs takes pride in delivering comprehensive solutions and support to our client’s business infrastructure. Our team of Salesforce experts worked with the best industry tools and technology to meet the demands of our esteemed client. Cloud Science Labs ensures successful execution of the project, that comes our way in helping businesses with IT solutions.

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