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Service Cloud Implementation and Integration with External Systems

The healthcare platform received centralized solutions to streamline hospital operations and enhance patient experience. Learn more.

About the Client:

The client is a well-known healthcare provider entity, specializing in eye care and is dedicated to providing high-quality eye-care services to patients. They serve a diverse patient population with eye care needs.



Service Cloud Implementation and Integration with External Systems

Cloud Science Labs assisted eye care services by implementing a customized Salesforce Service Cloud solution for a leading healthcare provider.

The Challenges:

The client faced multiple issues regarding case management, communication gaps, system customization, and scalability in their existing platform. There was a need for a rigid structure that addresses the problem of booking patients and online appointments with doctors, based on urgency. 

Following were the challenges and the requirements of the client:

  1. Case Management: The client needed a solution to manage patient interactions across various channels. They needed to prioritize these interactions based on urgency.

  2. Communication Efficiency: Ensuring timely responses to patient inquiries and automating email notifications for appointment booking and acknowledgments.

  3. Appointment Booking System: To create a robust online booking system to improve patient outcomes and experience.


The Solution / Features

Our Salesforce experts offered

The Solution

Cloud Science Labs delivered a customized solution to address the client's challenges and requirements. The CSL team leveraged Salesforce capabilities and integrated them with the external system. Some of the key features included were:

  1. Custom Case Management: Implemented custom case lists and auto-assignment rules based on the priority and case type of patient appointment bookings.

  2. Automated Email Notifications: Developed email templates for appointment acknowledgments and out-of-hour responses. This enhanced communication efficiency.

  3. Integration:

  • Compucare System:

Consultant selection and appointment booking.

  • Patient Administration System (PAS):

Returns the auto-generated unique Patient Hospital Number based on the Patient name to Service Cloud and populates a Field.

  • Netcall Telephony System:

Sets up the NetCall phone system in Salesforce with a guided Setup Flow.

  • Salesforce Setup and Custom Functionality:

Implemented custom functionalities in Salesforce like Contact forms, Email-to-Case, Email auto notification, Custom send an email notification, Case auto-assignment, Live agent setup, Security and settings (Profiles, Roles and Permission set, etc), Booking appointment page, etc.

Project Benefits

Following were the benefits the client received from implemented solutions:

Improved Patient Engagement

Enhanced Operational Efficiency

Scalability and Customization

Streamlined patient interaction and appointment scheduling enhanced the overall patient experience.

Automated processes and centralized case management improved staff productivity and response times.

The scalable solution ensured the flexibility to adapt to evolving patient needs and hospital requirements.

Project Result

Delivery of a robust appointment booking system for the client brought a significant increase in efficiency and customer satisfaction. 

  1. Efficient Case Management: The hospital staff can prioritize and manage patient interactions effectively, leading to faster patient consultations.

  1. Enhanced Communication: Automated email notifications and customizable templates improved communication with patients, resulting in higher patient satisfaction.

  1. Seamless integration: Integration with an external system of Compucare patient administration system and Netcall telephony system streamlined data access and improved operational workflows.


Cloud Science Labs partnered with the client the eye care hospital, and delivered a robust, reliable system for booking online doctor appointments. The CSL team is committed to delivering customized Salesforce solutions that drive success in the healthcare industry.

Looking for customized Salesforce solutions for your healthcare operations? Contact Cloud Science Labs to learn more.

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