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Snowflake-powered Centralized Data Platform

CSL crafted a robust centralized data platform for the client, improving efficiency and reliability. Discover how.

About the Client

The client is a care coordination service company assisting families with managing complex health and caregiving needs. They offer help with health conditions, special needs, Aging, Mental health, veteran support, and financial hardships. The client helps by finding providers, scheduling appointments, managing legal and financial paperwork, and more. They aim to transform family care through personalized care support.


Health Care & Technology

Snowflake-powered Centralized Data Platform

The Challenge

The client had recently acquired multiple microfinance companies and felt the need for a Central CRM solution that was accessible to everyone. They wanted to consolidate all their data into a single system, instead of multiple systems.

The client needed to:

  1. Create a centralized data platform to gather accurate member information from various sources.

  2. Establish a single reliable source for the acquitted company data.

  3. Build a framework for organizing and enhancing the data.

  4. Set up automated alerts to improve the member onboarding process.


The Solution / Features

Our Salesforce experts offered

The Solution

As a part of the solution to client's needs, Cloud Science Labs, Snowflake experts delivered the following:

  • Implementation of a robust Snowflake solution: Addresses the issues with the previous Postgres database, enabling easier data integration from various sources.

  • Automated data modeling within Snowflake using dbt cloud: Leads the creation of numerous models, and automated tests for improved data efficiency.

  • Created Alerts by introducing Hightouch: Helped the client identify exceptions and changes in data without disrupting ongoing operations.

  • Identification using Hightouch: Saved time, reduced manual efforts, and increased revenue growth.

Project Implementation

To deliver an effective solution to the challenges, the following tools and technologies were utilized:

  1. Data Warehousing and Analytics Services using Snowflake.

  2. Data Modeling and Testing using dbt (Data Build Tool).

  3. Alerting and Exception Identification using Hightouch.

  4. Managing and activating first-party behavioral data through SnowPlow.

The Result

The above solution implementation effectively minimizes time and effort making the onboarding process smooth and efficient for the client. 

Single Source of Truth

Revenue Gain

Efficiency and Cost Savings

Snowflake established a unified data source, resolving the previous database issue faced by the client.

An additional revenue of $80,000 was captured through alerting.

Monthly, around 27 hours of working was saved with the Hightouch introduction. This resulted in substantial cost reductions.

Data Modeling and Testing: Over 300 data models were created, and 2500 tests were conducted. This enhanced the data quality.

The Project Benefits

The client received the following benefits through the project implementation.

1. Unified Data Source:

Snowflake provided a single reliable data source providing access and accuracy.

2. Increased Revenue:

An additional revenue of $80,000 was captured through alerts from Hightouch.

3. Efficiency:

Automated alerts saved about 27 hours of manual work every month.

4. Cost Savings:

The streamlined onboarding process reduced manual work and led to significant savings.

5. Improved Data Quality: 

Over 300 data models and 2500 tests enhanced the client’s data integrity.


Cloud Science Labs successfully delivered an effective solution for the client’s onboarding process by implementing a centralized data platform powered by Snowflake. Our experts not only streamlined the operations but also established a reliable source of truth, leading to significant cost savings, and increased revenue growth. CSL is committed to delivering cost-effective and efficient solutions to business problems.


Are you looking to unify your data on one platform for better business performance? Look no further. Contact Cloud Science Labs today to experience streamlined operations and business growth.


CSL assisted with a reliable, centralized data platform improving the onboarding process.

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