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Flows in Salesforce


A Salesforce flow, also known as Lightning flow, is an application used for automating complicated business processes. It collects data from the user and performs some actions based on the business flow. Users can build individual flows with the help of flow builder. Flow Builder allows you to develop code-like logic without the need for a programming language.

Salesforce Flow provides 2 kinds of flows: screen flows and autolaunched flows.

Different type of Flows in Salesforce:

1. Autolaunched Flows : Flow that can be used to perform automated salesforce tasks. Users can call them from the process builder, an Apex class, a record change, a schedule, or platform events.

2. Schedule-triggered Flows : These are autolaunched flows that can be launched for each record in batches at a specific time and frequency. These flows automate your business processes in the background.

3. Screen Flows : These Salesforce flows have a definite UI part and need inputs from Salesforce users. you'll launch screen flows either as Associate in Nursing action or engraft them as part on a Lightning page.

4. Record-triggered Flows : These are the autolaunched flows that run within the background once a user creates, updates, or deletes Salesforce records.

5. Platform Event-triggered Flows : Those Salesforce flows run within the history whilst a platform occasion message is received.

There are 3 main “building blocks” of any Flow:

Elements: Elements in the flow are to perform the individual action of the flow. It performs logic actions such as assignment, logic and loop. They also have a data element for querying the database.

Connectors : Connectors is to build the connection automatically with the elements that any of should drag and drop

Resources: Resource is nothing but it is an individual variable like integer, number, records etc.

How Do You Call a Flow in Salesforce?

Why should we use flow in Salesforce?

In Salesforce, a flow is an associate application that automates advanced business processes. Simply put, it collects information so will one thing there upon information. Flow Builder is that the declarative interface wants to build individual flows. Flow Builder will be want to build code-like logic while not employing a programming language.

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