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File Manager App

File Manager App stores media files in external systems (S3, Google Storage, OneDrive etc.) to save storage costs, improve file visibility & collaboration, create/manage folder structures, migrate large volume files & much more.

Available on Salesforce AppExchange

Customizable Workspace

File Manager by Cloud Science Labs creates a custom file-sharing site for your business, so you can share files easily with clients, partners, co-workers, and others.

Upload/Preview Files

Using File Manager, you can upload files automatically to Internal or External storage. It gives you the ability to upload a variety of file types all under one roof. You can also enjoy the ability to preview files on the go.

Real-Time File Sharing

You can share files instantly, access information quickly, and avoid any unnecessary delays. You can work from anywhere and collaborate in real time with people in any part of the world.

Suitable for All Teams

A managed and organised approach to save crucial files on the system is provided by this application. The easy-to-use user interface of File Manager is suitable for teams of all sizes and types.

Phase - 1

Salesforce File Manager

This app provides a structured and manageable way to keep important files in the system. Customers can use this app not only for records but also anywhere in any Lightning application.

Manage multiple files under any Salesforce object (standard or custom) record.
One complete lightning-based solution to maintain folders and files in Salesforce.
Complete freedom and easy customization to organize files now in Salesforce.
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