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CSL Odoo Apps

CSL's Custom Odoo apps provide significant benefits to businesses, such as increased efficiency, improved productivity, and better alignment with business processes. They also help businesses differentiate themselves from competitors by offering unique features and functionalities.

Odoo Products

Check out and deploy our custom made odoo products for every scenario with a single click! 

Manufacturing Resource Planning Tool

CSL's MRP tool optimizes production by ensuring you have the right materials, machines, and manpower at the right time, streamlining your entire manufacturing process for maximum efficiency. Boost your productivity and profitability with CSL's MRP solution

Supercharge Your Business

Check out and deploy our custom made odoo apps for every scenario with a single click! 

CSL Database Backup

This module helps to take a backup in local or FTP server.


CSL Hr Employee Assets

This module is used for managing the assets of the employees.

370 $

CSL POS Reorder

POS Orders receipt Reprint and POS ReOrder Odoo apps

53.88 $

CSL Timesheet Approval

This module helps to approve or reject the timesheet.

9.70 $

CSL Resignation

This module is used for managing the resignation process of the employees

30 $

CSL Import Sales Pricelist

This module helps to import the sales pricelist lines information using tree view.


CSL POS Advanced Discount

This module provides an advanced discount feature in the POS screen.

21.55 $

CSL Pos Stocks

This module provides stocks in the point of sale screen.

50 $

Print Pricelist Report in PDF

This module helps to print sales pricelist report in PDF

10 $

CSL POS Merge Order

This module helps in merge multiple orders into a single order & remove the selected orders from the list of orders

50 $

CSL POS Sales Person

This module helps in add salesperson on pos orderline from pos interface.

40 $

POS Product By Lot Number

This module helps in selecting serial number of product in the POS

30 $

CSL Recruitment Request

This module helps in recruitment

96.98 $

CSL Vendor Portal

The module allows you to provide a website portal to the vendors.

40 $
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