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We are here to help your business reach heights in a more accelerated, optimized and effective way.

We Specialize in Salesforce Implementation, Integration, and Customization Consulting.


Cloud Science Labs Accelerate your Healthcare Business with Improved Patient Care

The healthcare industry is adopting smarter technologies all in a quest for improving customer relationships, which achieves the growth of your business. Streamline the business processes of healthcare organizations with healthcare solutions from Cloud Science Labs, based on Salesforce implementation – to meet the unique challenges of the healthcare landscape. Provide a panoramic view of each customer,  for a seamless, holistic, and engaging patient experience.

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Real Estate

Cloud Science Labs Deliver Faster and Accurate Information

Design a customized solution for your real estate business with our Certified Salesforce experts and automate some functions – to precisely retrieve real-time data for your targeted audience. Ensure to make the data retrieval process, faster and painless, to consolidate the diverse sources from which the real-estate business obtains information – website or other sources such as referral, advertising – into a single database. Build highly engaged clients with full access of information, by the agents – wherever they might be.  



Cloud Science Labs help to Increase the Conversion Rate of Customers.

Our E-commerce solutions offer seamless experience for shoppers. Build and launch innovative campaigns at a faster rate, with no technical support. Create a truly unified customer journey, connecting commerce cloud with sales, marketing, and services. Harness the AI-power of Einstein Product Recommendations for personalized product suggestions, as per the needs of individual users. Our services enable you to manage multiple E-commerce sites. We ensure you with the best customer experience with streamlined order management processes.


Banking & Finance


Cloud Science Labs help to Engage Customers with Exceed Expectations

Deliver the expectations of today’s connected clients with the three pillars of Salesforce solutions from Cloud Science

Labs – personalized outreach, smart insights, and goal-based planning, all delivered whenever needed. Leave a positive and lasting impact on the ROI of your business, as it makes sense to take a prudent decision to invest in Cloud for the BFSI companies. Collaborate on social feeds, track opportunities and close more deals with our Salesforce solution.



Cloud Science Labs help transform the Student Journey & Empower Your Institution.

Create a 1:1 conversation with students based on real-time inputs and engage them on their preferred devices – with a panoramic view of students with the Education Services from Cloud Science Labs. It is incredibly difficult to collaborate. Deliver a seamless experience for students to enhance campus collaboration – irrespective of the channel or department the students seek to interact with.  Drive Student success across the entire span of student lifecycle starting right from the prospect.

Energy & Utilities

Cloud Science Labs helps organizations to boost innovation and drive business strategy

This cloud seeks to connect equipment and systems through a unified platform with customer information. It includes pre-designed billing systems that are sensitive to sudden price fluctuations, so frequent in today’s world. This enables the organization to provide personalized customer service experiences, including mobile and self-service solutions. In addition, it optimizes the sales process, boosts growth, and prepares for a sustainable energy future.




Cloud Science Labs help transform the Student Journey & Empower Your Institution.

Marketing cloud unites customer data with customer behaviours in real time to create more intelligent communications and interactions that respond to and anticipate customer needs. Every interaction drives personalised, 1 to 1 communications that move the customer along in their unique journey. It also delivers data and application functionality through the web, rather than having them reside on a user’s desktop/laptop/mobile device, hardware drive, or in what is otherwise known as on-premise solutions.

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