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Propertybase with Salesforce

Propertybase Salesforce Edition gives a clear and customizable view of real estate business:

Every Business is Unique. Let Salesforce Edition Reflects Real Estate Business. Propertybase Salesforce Edition combines various features to mold your CRM to fit Agents & Brokerage real estate businesses—the information they collect, the dashboards that help them to visualize that data, automated workflows, and even the language and currency used.

Why did we need Propertybase Salesforce Edition?

Propertybase Salesforce Edition offers a core suite of customer relationship management tools, including lead and contact management, email marketing, automated follow-up, listing management, business reporting, and Propertybase websites.

Let's talk about some features of Propertybase Salesforce Edition:

Performance Analysis: In Real Estate operations, things move fast. Agents need a real estate CRM platform that can provide a snapshot of their operations and update them on performance across their team in real-time.

Easy to Use: Propertybase keeps agents in the loop with easy-to-use dashboards that cover everything from finances and marketing efforts, to lead generation and their leaderboards.

Native Mobile App: Agents can access data anywhere, at any time. and of course, they can share reporting and dashboards with team members to keep everyone on the same page and pushing toward team goals.

Grow and Nurture Your Database: No lead was left behind. Propertybase centralizes agents’ leads making it easy to route them to brokerages, track activity, and send hyper-targeted nurture campaigns.

Automatic Follow-Up: Reach new leads first and drive repeat and referral business with automation tools in the form of beautiful, branded emails that do the heavy lifting and minimize your workload.

Simplify Listing Management: Propertybase integrates with every major MLS and makes it easy for agents to create, edit, and syndicate listings with all of the popular portals and boost them on social.

Access Valuable Insights and Analytics:

From campaign benchmarking to website analytics to transactions and commissions, get a clear picture of what’s driving the highest ROI with consolidated dashboards.


Propertybase Salesforce Edition gives agents and brokerages elegant, efficient reporting and dashboards. turn their leads into lifelong customers. It is a standalone CRM; agents use Propertybase with any website of their choice. Advanced reporting and workflow give the most immaculate experience, allowing users to integrate any record with a click of a button and deliver time-saving solutions to its customers that embody best practises and offer a rapid return on investment. It is a great support for international operations.


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