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Increase efficiency with sales automation, AI and data driven data intelligence. Sell smarter and faster with Sales Cloud.

Salesforce Sales Cloud Benefits for a Business

  • Increased Productivity with Automated Processes

  • Improved lead and opportunity management

  • ​Helps with managing client retention and improving customer service

  • Helps you with more in-depth customer insights

  • Ability to apply artificial intelligence and Einstein analytics to your sales cycle

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Our Salesforce Sales Cloud Implementation

Cloud Science Labs' experienced Sales Cloud consultant delivered custom Sales Cloud solution that addressesed the organization's unique challenges to meet exact needs.

We helped to maintain a seamless, automated, and effective customer database by keeping track of all your customers' information and used it to reach their highly personalised services.

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CSL Achievements

  • Enhanced user experience with the help of dynamic reports and dashboards to track all the activities across platforms

  • Developed a strategy through user interviews to improve user adoption overall

  • Implemented a data strategy to make Salesforce the single source of truth for accounts and contacts and consolidated and deduplicated the data

  • With our customised Salesforce Sales Cloud solution, our clients increased rep productivity by automating daily tasks with activity tracking and workflows, and their costs were reduced by over 40%

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Key Features of Salesforce Sales Cloud


Account  Management





Lead Management




With The Right Consulting Partner, Everything Is Possible

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